Financing Application

Only allowed for one (1) lot / unit of property at a time


Directly from the Developer for properties "Under Construction" or "Completed" subject to the conditions of the property

Second Property

• First financing settled
• Applicants who take the second financing are not eligible to apply for Type 7 financing

Purchasing Contra Property

• 100% payment has been issued
• Property has been pledged to the LPPSA

Purchasing Auction Property

• Individual / Strata Property Properties
• 100% ready residential house
• Submit application within 14 days after successful auction
• Purchase price> Eligibility Amount = Difference

Developer Term

Construction Project exceeds:
• 4 houses in Peninsula
• 8 houses in Sabah / Sarawak • Include Housing Development License and Advertising Permit still in force

Purchasing Real Estate in the Secondary Market

(No Individual / Strata Title yet)
• Developed by Developer and has been 100% ready
• Financing money is withdrawn after the transfer of rights to the LPPSA is completed

Purchasing Real Estate in the Secondary Market

(Individual / Strata Title)
• Individual Title has been issued in the name of the developer / landlord, but has not transferred the ownership.
• Developed by registered Developer and KPKT license.
• Financing money is withdrawn after the transfer of rights to the LPPSA is completed.

Lot Exchange

• Houses completed late
• Abandoned Projects
• Houses unsafe to occupy
• Landslides (collapse)
• Submit the progress of the construction of old lot exceeds new lot within 3 months, so Developers need to return the difference money to the LPPSA

Purchase of Individual / Strata Titles Property

Restriction of Interest • Need to get permission to transfer / mortgage from the State Authority.

Co - Financing

• Husband & Wife or
• Father
• Mother
• Children

Take Over Financing

• Leaving services, and
• Divorce and property handed over / transferred on court order

Individual Title Lease Status

• Remaining at least 10 years after financing is completed.

Financing – Additional Work

• Purchase of Low Cost Houses by Support Group Officer II
• Amount not exceeding RM20,000.00
• Housing Cost + Additional Work
• Carried out simultaneously